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Here’s a revised description for MAYJAM Fragrance Oils:

Immerse Yourself in a Fruity Paradise with MAYJAM Fragrance Oils ☀️

Indulge your senses with a captivating 100ml bottle of MAYJAM Fragrance Oil. These delightful oils are perfect for aromatherapy, diffusers, humidifiers, oil burners, and even air purifiers. Fill your space with the invigorating and uplifting scents of your favorite fruits, creating a refreshing and welcoming atmosphere.

Long-Lasting Freshness:

Each MAYJAM Fragrance Oil comes in a 100ml amber brown bottle. This protects against light degradation, ensuring your oil stays fresh and potent for longer.

The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion:

MAYJAM Fragrance Oils make a thoughtful and delightful gift for anyone who appreciates the power of fragrance. Surprise your loved ones with a touch of fruity paradise!

Please Note:

While the description mentions “benefits of diffusing essential oils,” MAYJAM Fragrance Oils are not classified as essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts, while fragrance oils are synthetic or natural-based compounds designed to create specific scents.

Here are some additional details you can consider including (depending on the information available):

  • Variety of Fruit Scents: Mention some of the specific fruit scents available (e.g., mango, pineapple, strawberry).
  • DIY Projects: If the fragrance oils are suitable for DIY projects (soaps, candles), you can mention this as a potential use.

Overall, this revised description highlights the product’s key features and ensures clarity regarding the difference between fragrance oils and essential oils.


The warnings you provided are a good starting point, but they need some adjustments since MAYJAM Fragrance Oils are not essential oils. Here’s a revised warning section:

Safety Information:

  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention if irritation persists.
  • Not for internal consumption. Fragrance oils are not intended for ingestion.
  • Store fragrance oils in a cool, dark place. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat, as this can degrade the fragrance.
  • For external use only. Do not apply fragrance oils directly to the skin.

Additional notes:

  • You can remove the warning about citrus oils and UV light since this doesn’t apply to fragrance oils.
  • Consider adding a reminder to test the fragrance oil on a small area of skin before widespread use, especially for people with sensitive skin.


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Pure Essential Oil


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