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DIFFUSS™ Extra Thick Rattan Diffuser Sticks

DIFFUSS™ Extra Thick Rattan Diffuser Sticks

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**Warm Reminder:** 🌟 The black color may fade slightly. If this is a concern, please consider choosing other colors. Thank you for your understanding.

**Material:** 🌿 Vine

- Length: 100/200/300/220/230/240mm
- Thickness: 2/3/3.5 mm

**List of Packages:** 📦 According to your choice.

**How to Use:**
1. Open the aromatherapy cork and insert one end of the rattan into the aroma. Remove it when the rattan gets wet, then insert the other end of the rattan into the aroma.
2. For small spaces, insert 2-3 sticks. For a stronger fragrance, use 4-6 sticks. Adjust according to your preference.
3. Rattan is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The working principle of this rod involves adsorption and volatilization, which is a relatively slow process. For faster results, immerse the sticks in essential oil, then turn them upside down and reinsert them into the oil. Various factors such as usage, oil quality, and environment can affect the volatilization effect. 🌬️

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